Fix Cold Sores Fast

Quick Fixes for a Cold Sore

Waking up early in the morning to get yourself ready for that big meeting or presentation only to look in the mirror and find that dreaded cold sore on your face can be devastating. It will be time to use your brain and find methods on how to fix cold sores fast.


The truth is the creams available are not meant to heal the cold sores fast, but slowly with time less than the known ten days. They will help ease the pain and irritation and make the journey smooth so as to say the least. The best way to fix a cold sore fast is to prevent it from happening in the first place, but if you failed to put the preventive measures in the first place then you will just have to find a quick fix for your cold sore problem.


Before a cold sore appears, there are various signs that you will notice and you can use this formation stage to your advantage. You can stop it and prevent it from becoming visible by using a teabag or ice. You can also use a lip balm or petroleum jelly to protect your lips from the ultra violet rays.


Another quick fix method is to use aloe Vera. Keep in mind that this is wonder plant with many medicinal abilities. Apply aloe Vera to the affected area since it will not only reduce the pain but also hasten the healing process.


You can also take the chance to boost your entire immune system by getting a good diet in place and practicing hygiene measures. Vitamins intake is very essential in the speedy process. Avoid touching the affected place and if you do so clean your hands.


Most of these methods will be effective if they are repeated several times. This means that you have an important role to play even though prevention is always better than cure.



How to treat cold sores

How To Treat Cold Sores

A cold sore is never welcomed on your face, or any other part of body, for that matter. Cold sore is not only cosmetically unappealing, but it can also be very painful. They are usually caused by the herpes virus – which we all know. Cold sore can be said to be small, fluid filed scratches that pop up on or around the lips.
The blisters regularly group together, and after a while, a crust appears over the tender. There is no real cure or treatment for the cold sores of the virus. However, just because there isn’t any true cure, it doesn’t mean that you cannot try a few home remedies together with the following treatment tips.
Cortisone injections

Cortisone injections is for people who desire to look normal very fast and are able to fix a last minute appointment with their doctors. Injecting cortisone into the sore can lower the inflammation very fast.
Prescription pills

If you don’t like needles, you can call your doctor and request for a good prescription such as Famvir, Acyclovir or Valtrex. These are antiviral drugs which can reduce the development of cold sores and even fight of infection.

You might have seen an advert for this over the counter drug at least once or twice in your lifetime. Although the advert shed the light on the negative side of herpes simplex virus one, Abreva is well known for reducing the pain and size of cold sores. In addition, it make is simpler to apply make-up on top.

If you aren’t able to reach to the pharmacy, you may try the traditional remedy of Visine. Visine, a popular eye drops, is very effective as it eliminates the red out of the sores. There are also a variety of other natural treatments available such as virasoothe.
Cold compress

The other method of how to treat cold sores is to apply tea bags or a cold compress directly to the surface for twenty minutes. This will lower redness and swelling. A ibuprofen or Tylenol will also help to lower the pain.

Herpes, Cold sores, and Sexual Health

Thanks for stopping by. If you suffer from sexually transmitted infections or diseases, you are not alone.

In fact, it is estimated in the United states that there are over 110 million infections from an STD such as herpes, hepatitis chlamydia and HIV. This statistic is for the United States alone. This doesn’t account for many of the other countries where such information is not as closely documented or analysed. According to the CDC (center for disease control) the number of new infections is approximately 20 million per year.

This figure is also estimated to grow as the population continues to grow as well. This also equates to an annual government cost of $16 Billion. Yep, you read that right. Whilst there are both pharmaceutical, and natural cold sore treatments for the symptoms of outbreaks. Many of the diseases are incurable, and if left untreated can cause other health issues long term.

According to the CDC in their fact sheet:

The most common of all STD’s is the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) which CDC believes almost 100% of all sexually active people will contract at some point in their lives usually clears naturally within approximately two years. HPV vaccines are recommended for people around the age of twelve.
Live science suggests that the figures are estimates only due to the usually private nature and topic of sexually transmitted diseases. 
If you feel you may have an STD, do not hesitate. Ensure you get tested and treated as soon as possible. By opening up the discussion on such topics, as a community, we can help combat some of these diseases.